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Kushiel's Slayer

A Slayer In Terre d'Ange

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Kushiel's Slayer is the name of a crossover universe between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Kushiel's Legacy novels written by Jacqueline Carey.

In this 'verse, Faith has appeared in Terre d'Ange, the setting of Carey's books, as a mysterious outworlder. She takes the City of Elua by storm, seducing the adepts of the Thirteen Houses and the peers of the realm alike. Like the Scions of Kushiel, she is knowledgeable in the art of giving pain as pleasure. Eventually, Faith finds herself involved in the political intrigue that surrounds the anguisette Lady Phedre no Delauney de Montreve, and her nemesis Melisande Shahrizai.

This crossover began as a series of drabbles in answer to a challenge at faith_slash. Really, this is all cadence_k's fault, for saying, "Try pairing Faith with someone you've never written her with before." booster17, ladylakira, and zulu all picked up the gauntlet...and thus, Kushiel's Slayer was born.

These drabbles all exist in the same timeline and are mutually consistent. This community was formed to bring them together into some sort of coherent whole. Join us and pair Faith with everyone (and we do mean everyone) in Carey's world.

Faith/everyone! You knew it had to happen eventually.